de la Torre Brothers
Einar and Jaimex de la Torre have inspired the Keep on Crossin project with their cross border art adventures.

Mario Torero
Torero was a 2003 Keep on Crossin Awards winner. His art and activism have strengthened San Digo since 1970.

Guillermo Gomez-Pena
McArthur Award winning performance artist.

Marcos Ramirez "Erre"
A leading voice on the Tijuana art scene.

Mark Dery
Former Chula Vista homeboy blogs and publishes essays on the state of contemporary culture with an apocalyptic twist.

San Diego City Works Press
The San Diego Writers Collective is a group of San Diego writers, poets, artists, and patrons dedicated to the publication and promotion of the work of San Diego area artists of all sorts.

Calaca Press
Calaca Press is a Chicano family-owned small publishing house dedicated to publishing and producing unknown, emerging, and established progressive Chicano and Latino voices

This three piece lineup out of San Diego makes music both disonant and transcendental.

Tani Candiani
A leading young artist based in Tijuana.

Bulbo TV

Lori Lipsman
Lori is a conceptual artist living in San Diego.