This page contains works that were inspired by
the Keep on Crossing Project.

"Keep on Crossing" by Phil Goldvarg

Keep on crossing the ragged road of hope,
slip by razor sharp rock,
dry desert hand that offers illusion,
promise of some false god
that masks as creator,
field of frailty before us all,
spirit is the mover, the crosser,
strong heart,
the wing that lifts us over darkness,
feel the hand of hermanas y hermanos
press against our back, touch de carino,
how could we stop crossing
with so much caring against our skin,
alma, corazon,
somos juntos,
we keep on crossing.

Keep on Crossing is a song written and performed by Willie Venant.
Download the mp3 file.

Keep on Crossing is a techno track written and mixed
by Skyler Mic
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